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Holiday Sales Bring Many Retail Returns

Not everyone appreciates that gift aunt Helen purchased in a rush; in fact, hundreds of thousands of Christmas gift recipients are now making their way back to retail stores returning gifts at an alarming rate. It comes as no surprise to large big box retailers as they factor in seasonal returns as a part of [...]

Starting a Flea Market Business

My name is Jason and I live in Tn. I, like many people, recently lost my job and have begun to try my hand at this liquidation business. I have purchased from Warehouse One in Crossville and visited Lucky-Dollar as well as All Star Wholesalers.

Warehouse One charged me $1,200 for a Rite-Aid pallet! I [...]

Get Started Reselling Salvage Food

What happens to those grocery items which are nearing an expiration date? How about those boxed grocery item that are somehow damaged in transit on their way to your local big-box grocery store? Most people never see behind the curtain of grocery retailing. Millions of dollars of grocery items are rounded up daily and [...]

How To Find Wholesale Handbags

One of the best ways I come up with topics to write about on this blog is to simply research my analytics account. Don’t worry I am not going to get all technical with you and try to throw around some flashy SEO jargon, but I do want you to know that many of the [...]

Purchasing Factory Closeouts

Another question from a faithful community member writes:

Dear Robert,

I met a guy other day who is involved in closeout business from china, India, Bangladesh etc. He told me he gets all closeout offers from different countries. He was reluctant to give away the information,which is understandable. Can you please guide me as to [...]

Sears Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

Today I received an email from Alma who is new to purchasing wholesale pallets of merchandise. Alma has a question about reselling restrictions:

“I’m new to the liquidation business,  I am opening up a store, in which I have purchased a few pallets,  Can you tell me if I can leave the Original tags on. [...]