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Wholesale Dr Marten Boots Shoes

I spend hours online researching new suppliers of wholesale liquidation merchandise…sometimes I find great sources and other times I am left at a dead end. I have been researching wholesalers for years trying to find reputable sources for merchandise at great pricing.

Today I want to introduce you to a company called Margolin Shoes & [...]

Sears Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

Today I received an email from Alma who is new to purchasing wholesale pallets of merchandise. Alma has a question about reselling restrictions:

“I’m new to the liquidation business,  I am opening up a store, in which I have purchased a few pallets,  Can you tell me if I can leave the Original tags on. [...]

Delabeling and Reselling Agreements

It takes more than cash to purchase liquidation merchandise. You must agree to the original departments stores’ purchase agreement. This agreement will vary from store to store and you better read and fully understand the agreement you are about to sign!

In this audio post I read through a couple of important paragraphs from a [...]

Shelf Pull Apparel Photos and Source

One of our faithful blog readers stays in contact every few weeks asking questions and sharing her experience. She has purchased our guide and found a few sources to get her business up and running.

I received an email from her last week and she told me that she had made two purchases on Liquidation.combuying [...]

Shelf Pull Apparel Small and Large Quantities

Are you looking to resell apparel on eBay? How about name brand clothing with the tags still attached? I am referring to a category of liquidation merchandise called shelf pull apparel. As a reseller you can buy clothing in small and large lots of mixed brands and sizes from some of our nations largest department [...]

Liquidation Secrets – Buying Customer Returned Electronics Y & N

If you are actively looking for customer returned electronics you probably have come across offers listing pallets of name brand department store customer returned “Y” and “N” loads. What the heck does that mean?

No fear, the designations simply give you an idea of the type of merchandise you might find in any one particular pallet or [...]