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Shelf Pull Apparel Photos and Source

One of our faithful blog readers stays in contact every few weeks asking questions and sharing her experience. She has purchased our guide and found a few sources to get her business up and running.

I received an email from her last week and she told me that she had made two purchases on Liquidation.combuying [...]

New eBay Seller Questions and Answers

The following is taken directly from an email we received after this person purchased our guide The Liquidators Guide. She emailed asking a few questions as we advertise to those who buy our guide that the purchase also includes “help after the purchase”. Like a redundant robot I will say this again, I have been [...]

Selling Used and Shelf Pull Childrens Clothing

Have you noticed on eBay that the successful apparel shelf pull sellers are selling in small lots based upon size? For example, a seller would combine two pairs of pants and two shirts in the same size bracket. Selling a few items in the same size seems to work really well on eBay. I will [...]

Liquidation Secrets – Shelf Pull Clothing Facts

I received a phone call from an Ebay seller who was quick to explain how she lost $2,500.00 last week in a purchase of what she thought was Shelf Pull clothing. The clothing was grossly misrepresented by the Broker she purchased from. She was told the clothing was originally from a very famous 5 star [...]