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Dollar And Discount Store Pallets

How many of you have been in a grocery or discount store and wandered by what looks to be a pre-assembled pallet of either new or closeout merchandise for sale? The pallets usually have bins or boxes arranged systematically filled with products. Another example would be the dollardays promotions, which seem to be becoming more [...]

Ordering A Pallet Of Customer returns

Are you ready to order your first pallet of liquidation merchandise? It is very exciting to think of the prospect of buying a pallet and digging through it to see what buried treasure might be found!

But, having the money to purchase and ordering is not the last step, you must prepare for delivery of your [...]

Selling Used and Shelf Pull Childrens Clothing

Have you noticed on eBay that the successful apparel shelf pull sellers are selling in small lots based upon size? For example, a seller would combine two pairs of pants and two shirts in the same size bracket. Selling a few items in the same size seems to work really well on eBay. I will [...]

Liquidated Name Brand Cameras Below Wholesale

If you have been around for sometime here at my blog you will know that I am not a huge advocate for customer returned electronics, that being said I have taken a leap of faith and purchased a small lot of customer returned digital cameras. Actually, I won an auction at Liquidation.com for roughly $275.00.


Getting To Know your Wholesale Liquidator!

How do you know what company to buy from? The Internet is a non-stop source for continuous wholesale liquidation offers. I am a strong advocate for buying your wholesale merchandise from the direct source skipping the “Middleman” at all costs.

Having said that, here are a couple of reasons why buying from a wholesale liquidator [...]

What is and how to find Shelf Pull apparel -

Shelf Pull Apparel = clothing that was originally on the retailers’ rack and did not sell for various reasons.  Most of the time the clothing has been through several “Retail Markdowns” and if it did not sell it gets placed into a large pallet and then sent to the liquidation department. This is where you, [...]