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Branding Your Wholesale Merchandise

If you were to approach the average American and ask them who Phillip Morris is, they would probably answer “a cigarette maker.” While this is true, what many people don’t realize is that Phillip Morris also produces a variety of other goods. The reason most people are not aware of this is actually quite simple, [...]

Retail Profits By Creating Urgency and Impulse

I have just finished reading “The Liquidators Guide” for the second time. It was very informative and covered all aspects of the liquidation business. Book knowledge is great, but nothing beats actual experience which is my next step. In today’s economy people are looking for bargains more than ever and liquidation merchandise fits the [...]

What is Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

What exactly is wholesale liquidation merchandise? The term liquidation merchandise encompasses several categories of traditionally below wholesale inventory that can be purchased and resold for a large profit. As a small reseller, you now have the opportunity to buy name brand merchandise at unheard of pricing.

But where do you find this liquidation merchandise? You [...]

Being Creative With Wholesale Merchandise

While my little “Pip Squeak” was out with my wife last night Trick or Treating, I settled down to read a few emails and came across this one from Tracy. She is talking specifically about how to resell a lot of apparel she purchased from Doba.com.

“Robert …..I originally was thinking farmer’s markets and garage [...]

Wholesale Liquidation Update Surplus.net

We have talked about the Surplus.net website being down for sometime and the frustration this has caused many of you who use this resource to find wholesale liquidation merchandise. Well, the directory is back using a new url TheImasd.com, but to my disappointment the look is the same. I was really hopping they would take [...]

Sears Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

Today I received an email from Alma who is new to purchasing wholesale pallets of merchandise. Alma has a question about reselling restrictions:

“I’m new to the liquidation business,  I am opening up a store, in which I have purchased a few pallets,  Can you tell me if I can leave the Original tags on. [...]