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Three Questions You MUST Ask A Potential Supplier

So you’ve found the wholesale source you were looking for, or perhaps you are still deciding between a few sources, attempting to narrow down the potential choices as to who to place your order with. Either way, before you pick up the phone, or take the plastic out of your wallet, here are three questions [...]

Salvage Food Business Start Up

Based upon a need to provide affordable groceries within a dim economy, salvage food retailers are coming to the rescue for many American families. Small stores are opening up in cities and towns near you, offering near-dated and distressed packaged name brand food at unheard of pricing.

Those entrepreneurs looking to fill this need are [...]

Amazon.com Wholesale Customer Returns

Thanks for the great book and the great blog. I have been selling liquidated merchandise full time for a little over a year and I have been dabbling with it a couple of years before that. Like you I have had my ups and downs but I am starting to get on the right track. [...]

Goldmine Discovered Reselling Salvage Food

Similar in concept to the day old bread stores, salvage dented can stores are opening up nationwide offering incredible deals on the same name brand food items that we are all used to buying [at full price] from the dreaded big box grocery stores. Lower food costs found at salvage grocery stores offer budget [...]

Delabeling and Reselling Agreements

It takes more than cash to purchase liquidation merchandise. You must agree to the original departments stores’ purchase agreement. This agreement will vary from store to store and you better read and fully understand the agreement you are about to sign!

In this audio post I read through a couple of important paragraphs from a [...]

What Happens To A Customer Returned Item

We are obsessed with buying stuff; a trip to the local Walmart will always include staple items, but we also end up purchasing merchandise on impulse. Don’t worry…we all do it on occasion. Sometimes this extra merchandise is justified and we’re glad to have finally broke down and bought that George Foreman grille, but what [...]