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General Liability Policy Required Before Purchasing

Another member of our community got in contact with me yesterday as she was reviewing the purchase agreement from a direct contact she was about to make a purchase from. All looked good until she came across the insurance requirement. This particular company required that purchasers of liquidation merchandise have a general liability policy in [...]

Learn How to Broker Liquidation Merchandise

Yeah, you have heard this before: Are you ready to make some real money in a real business? What do most think of when they hear this…Scam, right?

Here is what made me successful, dropshipping or Brokering liquidation merchandise. Call it what you want, but brokering pallets and truckloads allowed me to quit my [...]

Name Brand and Designer Wholesale Shoe Pallets

If you are a faithful reader of our blog, you know I am constantly looking for new sources of below wholesale merchandise with an emphasis on liquidation pricing. I have known about the following source I am about to share with you for sometime. The company is called Shoenet and they are based out of [...]

What to buy customer returns or shelf pulls?

Do you like to gamble, I do. It can be very exciting. My game of choice is roulette. I love sitting at the table with a pre-determined amount of money I have decided I can “gamble” with. I get caught up in the conversation with other players and, of course a few drinks. If my [...]

Customer Returned Shoes

I have spent a few hours today reviewing a shoe manifest from QVC, which is listed as “Second Quality”. QVC has their own liquidation definitions to describe the condition of inventory being liquidated. Second quality refers “to customer returned products that are eligible for sale through Outlet Stores. This merchandise consists of high quality customer returns [...]

Manifested Customer Returned Electronic Pallets

How many of you out there have bought a “Blind” pallet of electronics? Blind refers to a load or pallet where the contents are unknown to the buyer. It is simply a gamble on your part. When we are talking about buying inventory for your flea market or eBay business, gambling is not a safe [...]