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Selling Refurbished Electronics on eBay

How many of you would like to resell electronics on eBay? I know when I got my start way back when I wanted to sell something I new a little about and had an interest in. I lost the fight to my wife and we started reselling apparel on eBay, but I still keep my [...]

Take Advice From A Successful eBay Seller

I want you to take a good look at this eBay seller today, her name is Diana and she is an eBay Power seller who has created a system for sourcing and reselling products online. She maintains several eBay ID’s including $diana$

You have heard of the phrase “follow the leader” right? Well, if someone [...]

Bitten By The Liquidation Bug

Hi there, I’m sooo pleased with my purchase, I really like the way your guide is written as I really hate reading lol! My name is Casey and I currently reside in Australia.

I am thinking of starting off small with cosmetics to sell online and at flea markets and possibly on trademe.co.nz for New [...]

Wholesale Dr Marten Boots Shoes

I spend hours online researching new suppliers of wholesale liquidation merchandise…sometimes I find great sources and other times I am left at a dead end. I have been researching wholesalers for years trying to find reputable sources for merchandise at great pricing.

Today I want to introduce you to a company called Margolin Shoes & [...]

Wholesale Mens High End Clothing

While checking emails this last week I came across a question from Vic who is looking for wholesale mens clothing. Vic has found his niche and is now looking for further sources for inventory. Read through his question and then scroll down and listen to my audio answer. I have also included a few links [...]

Reselling Insurance Salvaged Merchandise

Have you considered purchasing insurance salvage merchandise? This is inventory that has been involved in some type of insurance claim where a policy holder has been indemnified for a loss. Probably the most recognizable type of insurance salvage would be that of an automobile loss, where a car is involved in an auto accident and [...]