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Competing On eBay Selling Shelf Pull Apparel

Currently on eBay there are 25,394 apparel auctions spanning four categories including women’s, men’s, children’s and infant apparel. What will separate you from the other sellers?

There are several factors which will influence a buyer to bid on your ebay auctions. Before you even begin to source merchandise to sell on eBay, you must [...]

Name Brand and Designer Wholesale Shoe Pallets

If you are a faithful reader of our blog, you know I am constantly looking for new sources of below wholesale merchandise with an emphasis on liquidation pricing. I have known about the following source I am about to share with you for sometime. The company is called Shoenet and they are based out of [...]

Shelf Pull Clothing Making Your First Purchase

Are you looking to make a shelf pull apparel purchase for your store or perhaps for your eBay business? Will this be your first purchase? Shelf pull apparel for the most part is clothing that was on the retail sales floor of stores like JC Penneys, Walmart, Sears, Macy’s and did not sell.

Most shelf [...]

Selling Used and Shelf Pull Childrens Clothing

Have you noticed on eBay that the successful apparel shelf pull sellers are selling in small lots based upon size? For example, a seller would combine two pairs of pants and two shirts in the same size bracket. Selling a few items in the same size seems to work really well on eBay. I will [...]

Pallets Of Aeropostale Liquidation Clothing

If you frequent this wholesale liquidation website you already know I spend hours upon hours daily researching offers from hundreds of liquidation distributors. I am intrigued when I come across an offer that I find to be unique, such as a pallet or lot of a particular name brand.

Aeropostale is not what I would [...]

Liquidation Secrets – Understanding Shelf Pulls

What is shelf pull liquidation apparel?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding this category of liquidation merchandise. Put simply, shelf pull merchandise, for various reasons, did not sell in the original department store and is liquidated at a fraction of the original wholesale value.

 Lets look at few reasons [...]