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What is Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

What exactly is wholesale liquidation merchandise? The term liquidation merchandise encompasses several categories of traditionally below wholesale inventory that can be purchased and resold for a large profit. As a small reseller, you now have the opportunity to buy name brand merchandise at unheard of pricing.

But where do you find this liquidation merchandise? You [...]

Buying Manifested Pallets

If you are a new wholesale liquidation buyer you should make sure the pallet or truckload you are about to buy comes with a full manifest. A manifest is simply a written inventory showing you, the buyer, what you are buying. If a pallet or truckload is manifested you will  have a clear indication of [...]

Amazon.com Wholesale Customer Returns

Thanks for the great book and the great blog. I have been selling liquidated merchandise full time for a little over a year and I have been dabbling with it a couple of years before that. Like you I have had my ups and downs but I am starting to get on the right track. [...]

Delabeling and Reselling Agreements

It takes more than cash to purchase liquidation merchandise. You must agree to the original departments stores’ purchase agreement. This agreement will vary from store to store and you better read and fully understand the agreement you are about to sign!

In this audio post I read through a couple of important paragraphs from a [...]

Buying Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise Direct

General Liability Policy Required Before Purchasing

Another member of our community got in contact with me yesterday as she was reviewing the purchase agreement from a direct contact she was about to make a purchase from. All looked good until she came across the insurance requirement. This particular company required that purchasers of liquidation merchandise have a general liability policy in [...]