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Is This Wholesale Liquidations Supplier Reputable?

While there are many professional and reputable closeout suppliers to be found, unfortunately there are also many unethical wholesale business operators and even downright scammers that you need to be aware of. Therefore, before you make an investment in any kind of wholesale goods, make sure to take these tips into consideration:

The first and [...]

Negotiating When Buying Closeout Merchandise

Locating, purchasing (and, of course, eventually reselling) closeout wholesale merchandise can be a very lucrative business, however the success of an individual or business in doing so is largely dependent on how well the profit margins are maximized. No matter what type of goods you are selling, price negotiations can make the difference between a [...]

Biggest Challenge Buying Wholesale Closeouts?

I spoke of advantages yesterday in selling closeout and surplus merchandise so it is only fair to to spend a little time talking about one distinct disadvantage. First and foremost sourcing closeout merchandise can be difficult. Unlike traditional wholesale where you might have 3-4 major suppliers ongoing, closeout merchandise including shelf pulls, customer returns and [...]