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Lingerie overstocks and customer returns

There is a very popular catalog company which distributes women’s apparel including tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, intimate wear, shoes, handbags & accessories. Catalog overstocks from this company, V. Secret are very popular among ebay and small store owners. Apparel items can be purchased as overstocks (new, unsold merchandise) or customer returns. This apparel is very hard to find on the secondary wholesale market and we only know of one liquidator who is presently offering this merchandise by the pallet. This company is Via Trading. Liquidators who purchase this apparel are not allowed to advertise the actual name of the catalog or store name. Often it will be advertised as, “World Famous Lingerie Catalog Apparel” or something close to this description.Ebay sellers love to list this catalog apparel as it tends to bring in strong money due to the brand appeal.

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37 comments to Lingerie overstocks and customer returns

  • Rosa Bolen

    We are looking to purchase bras and panties by VS What is the minimum to purchase these items? Are we able to purchase just those items? Maybe sleepwear?? thank you in advance

  • Carrie Medina

    Where is the closest location to buy overstock & returns from your company?

  • admin

    What City, State are you in?

  • We are interested in purchasing VS bras and sleepwear. Could you please inform me of product minimum and pricing. This is a new area for me and would appreciate any information. Thank you

  • arlene tabarez

    hello Could you please contact me, I am interested in purchasing some clothes. Could you please let me know the minimum and pricing?
    Thank You

  • Hello,
    Could you kindly contact me also? I am interested in purchasing clothes, intimates and accessories. I’d like to know minimums, where you are loacated and how to go about making a purchase. Thank You!

  • Trever

    I would be interested in buying VS shelf pulls and customer returns as well for export. Please contact me.

  • Sigita Avizienyte

    I am interested in purchasing clothes, intimates, accessories…
    Please contact me also.
    I’d like to know minimums and pricing?

  • Anna

    hi i would like to buy some clothes from vs. i’m opening the store. please help me

  • Aleksandra

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing VS clothes, customer returns and shelf pulls for export. Please, help.

  • Alex Martinez

    We are interested in purchasing large quantities of VS 2nds, returns, shelf pulls, overstock etc. strictly for export. Will abide by all VS rules and regs.


    Hi I am intersted in purchasing VS returns, shelf pulls, overstock, used etc..I would really appreciate it if you can contact me as to where I can buy them in bulk. Thanks!!

  • KIKI

    I am interesed in VS overstock,returns etc..please e-mail me with detailed info.

  • Amy

    Am interested in VS wholesale lots. Please contact me with details. Thanks

  • olga

    please let me know ho to buy VS customer returns,and how much it cost,thx

  • Nadine

    I am also interested in victoria’s secret clothes.

  • Bety Roses

    Interested in buying VS lingerie and from other department stores too.


    where can i purchase vs catalog, store, shelf pulls, and returns, even brick and mortar. thanks!

  • Denis

    Interested in buying VS for export ( a lot!). Real buyer ! I am in USA, NJ, so can meet me if needed! Can even pay in cash, if will be good price… e-mail me.

  • Shannon

    Where do these people buy stuff to sell on liquidation.com? Would like to but VS. Please e-mail.

  • Alejandra Pena

    Hi im loking forward to purchasing some of your itmes. Thank you

  • Bill

    Also interested in purchasing VS. Please email.

  • Mike Blount

    I am an American Based in Prague, Czech Republic. Have operated for many years “off price” stores in the Czech Republic of Brand name women’s clothing. I would like to open Victoria’s Secret specialty stores in Prague and then on East to Kiev and Moscow. To do this I need adequate and constant merchandise supply. Please email.

  • Tamara Rivera

    I’m interesting to buy some victoria secrets items, please contact me.
    Thank you

  • Tamara Rivera

    Please email me to let me know the prices and how do i buy VS items from you.

  • Ievgenii

    I have a store in the Ukraine , I wanna buy many VS items. Can you send to me price and how I can choose what I need.

  • Giovanna


    I am interested in purchasing VS merchandise by the lot. Please email me with prices and information.

    Thank you.

  • Please send me more info…..for overseas exporting


  • Maggie

    I am interested in opening a store with VS prosucts in Europe. What kind of VS products and prices do you offer. Willing to do high scale business with you. Thanks

  • Elize

    I run a beauty store is interesting purchasing beauty products and makeup in bulk so please contact me.

  • Julia

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing VS merchandise by pallets/lots. Whatever you have available. Please email me with prices and information. Greatly appreceiated.

  • Machelle

    Hi I am interested in Victoria Secret returns can you tell me if there is a certain amount you have to buy? If so how much are they and what does it include and the price. Thank you

  • Sergio

    Need bras and lingerie lots. How can I receive a catalog of the lots you have, or do you have a wholesale warehouse in Texas, if so, in what city? My business is in Mexico, and I live in Texas. Please let me know.


  • Matthew

    Hello I would like to buy VS products in large quantities. Please email me about payment and shipping.

  • Melanie

    I am interested in purchasing V S merchandise (overstock/returns) by pallets/lots. How do I go about purchasing these items? Is there a Minimum Quantity requirement?

  • Brenda

    I am interested in purchasing bras and panties by VC what is the minimum and pricing, what city and state are you in.

  • I am interested in purchasing clothes intimates accessories
    Please contact me
    I’d like to know minimums and pricing

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