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Wholesale and Liquidation Trade Publications!

If you are buying wholesale liquidation merchandise for your business you really should stay up to date with the retail wholesale industry. I suggest spending a fair amount of  time on the Internet reviewing wholesale and liquidation companies. In addition to online contact you should subscribe to a few industry related catalogs.

I just received the latest copy of “Cover” which is published by Sumner Communications, Inc., 24 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT 06801 or better known as WholesaleCentral. This is a FREE magazine/catalog filled with wholesale suppliers, distributors, importers and of course liquidators.

The latest copy boasts 127 pages offering editorial articles directly centered around reselling merchandise! Cover also offers industry news, trade show calendars, a new product showcase and much more!

I have found numerous sources for wholesale and liquidation merchandise as a subscriber.

Get your free subscription to Cover Magazine!

The Liquidators Guide! - 121 pages of purchasing information & liquidation sources in a fact-filled guide that wholesalers and liquidation brokers do not want you to get your hands on! I have been buying and reselling wholesale liquidation merchandise for ten years...and I am going to share my knowledge with you!

NEW - How to Broker Liquidations – Start making money brokering liquidation merchandise! Our newest guide reveals all the steps needed to start a lucrative business brokering customer returns, shelf pulls, and salvage merchandise! Start this business right from home with our 168 Page Guide filled with industry secrets.


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