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Wholesale Handbags – How To Tell The Real From The Fake

Despite the fact that there aren’t any laws prohibiting the purchase of fake designer clothes and handbags, it is illegal to deal in the sale of such items. This means that those of you who are looking to resell designer merchandise need to be 100% sure that you are getting the real items. In order to do so, there are some tell tale signs you can watch out for to avoid the fakes:

  • First consider that you get what you pay for:

While some merchants price their counterfeit merchandise at normal prices, as to avoid suspicion of selling fakes, many sellers offer rock bottom prices that are, frankly, too good to be true.

  • Product Quality Matters:

Besides price, quality is usually the clearest indicator that an item is not authentic. Very few replicas will have  a consistent high level of quality, especially in comparison to the fine detailing of real wholesale designer bags. For instance, there will be no stitching errors or mistakes on the authentics. And the material itself will clearly be of a higher grade. Detailing on the bags should appear flawless.

  • Consider the location of the seller:

Generally, when you conduct rigorous due diligence, you can come across a variety of good quality merchandise from overseas suppliers. However,  when it comes to designer fashions and bags, it is necessary to be more vigilant with sellers from overseas, as many countries do not have the same strict intellectual property laws that we do, which leads to an increase in counterfeit goods.

  • Too many of the same model available:

Any wholesale goods supplier that offers a a single item in large quantity should be researched further. While you might be able to buy a large lot of wholesale Coach handbags, it’s very unlikely that a supplier would have a large inventory of a single model of a Coach handbag. This, except in rare circumstances, would indicate that the goods are illegitimate.

  • Presence and Quality of Monograms:

Many high end fashion designers monogram their goods. For any designer good you are interested in selling, take some time to research their monograms (including their appearance and their likely location). If the goods you purchase do not have the right monograms, you have a sure fake on your hands.

Locating legitimate wholesale designer handbags and clothing can be a difficult task. It may take further investigation to ensure that you are only buying (and selling) real designer merchandise. The good news is that if you are careful and patient you should be able to purchase quality designer merchandise that is both legal and will be much appreciated by eager shoppers.

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