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Wholesale Handbag Shelf Pulls

Probably the most sought after liquidation category happens to be handbags. Resellers on eBay as well as online e-commerce sellers are continuously searching for an authentic source for designer and name brand handbags. With so many fake and knock-off purses on the wholesale market its very hard to find a true wholesale source. Authentic handbags command a premium resell value as most women are looking for top name brands at liquidation prices.

Shelf Pull Handbags

If you are looking to buy shelf pull handbags at liquidation pricing make sure you are buying direct from the original retail source. This will guarantee authenticity and give you the profit margin your business needs to be competitive.

There are a great number of eBay resellers who scramble to and from retail outlets to try and buy handbags at clearance pricing. The intent is to buy on clearance and then resell on eBay. While this is a viable way to amass inventory…it is exhausting.

Large big-box stores will liquidate shelf pull handbags at pricing that will allow the small reseller to realize a decent profit. You have two choices when buying liquidated handbags:

Buy handbags from a wholesale liquidator – Pay a higher per handbag price, but you can typically purchase in smaller quantities to get your business started.

Buy handbags direct from the source – Pay the lowest cost per handbag, but you must purchase in larger quantities. Buying direct will give you more profit potential, but minimum purchases are often $8,000 – $15,000 in a single purchase.

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9 comments to Wholesale Handbag Shelf Pulls

  • Robert,
    I purchased your ebook in 2009 as well as one from a competitor. Fashion Depot Group in Jersey, was one of the sources recommended by the competitor’s ebook and was shut down last August for selling fake goods. Since then a guy was charged at a flea market in So. Jersey for selling fakes as well as another guy in No. Jersey. Other than buying shelf pulls, how do you know if your brand name products are legit. I understand Luxury Brands provides letters of authenticity, but how do you know if the letter is authentic?

  • Hello,

    I sell wholesale designer handbag lots. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing. All my items are authentic and usually brand new. Sometimes I have returned items as well, but I would disclose that to you. I also get many shelf pull handbags that are not designer but name brand from a major department store. Contact me at bunghiretail Gmail, thanks!

  • Sherron Teal

    If you buy new items from Liquidation.com are their still problems with this company?

  • john yoo

    we looking for namebrand handbags

  • judy

    I want to buy coach Lv

  • Jackie

    Also interested in purses, shelf pull clothing, and any information on federated auctions someone can provide. Have been buying mostly from liquidation.com but need some other sources.
    Please email me. Thanks so much!

  • admin

    Further information about handbag sources is available from the Wholesale Designer Handbag Directory

  • Bobbie

    I do not have a website. I am trying to get off the ground with my small garage sale business. I am 61 years old and I live on a very low fixed income. I would like to start this busines not only to be a little help to me financially, but to use it to involve the children in activities, such as, speaking spanish when they get together. Perhaps this will keep many of them out of the streets.

  • We offer closeout apparel – men’s, women’s, and children’s. In addition to our regular inventory, we currently have some urban wear, and very high-end pseudo couture product (onsey/twosies).We have Christmas overstocks/customer returns, gloves, and working on handbags (I’m told they are designer – onesy/twosies). Norm – 972.454.0601…NormB at Consolidated Clothiers…

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